NTC Pianist Information

PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW CAREFULLY! Failure to follow the instructions below could result in disqualification.

All applicants who requested an NTC pianist in any of the solo divisions must:

A. Upon notification of acceptance to the live rounds, send a PDF of their piano score to their assigned pianist no later than midnight Eastern Standard Time, February 1, 2023.

B. Include the applicant’s name, division, phone, and e-mail legibly shown on the front page of the PDF.

C. Clearly mark any cuts directly on the music.

D. Pianist Contact Information:

Alexa Constantine -    
Suyeon Kim -   
Hsiaoling Lin -   
Gail Novak -   
Rebecca Wilt -   

Applicants who do NOT request an NTC pianist at the time of their original application will not be allowed to request one at any time thereafter.

  • FEBRUARY 1, 2023 – Deadline to pay NTC pianist fee online AND send music to the NTC pianist. Competitors who requested an NTC pianist in their application MUST pay the pianist fee, even if they subsequently decide to hire an outside pianist. Any competitor who has failed in either aspect of these submissions will be notified of their delinquency on February 2, and will have 48 hours to rectify the omission, with a penalty of $95. Any failure beyond that deadline will result in disqualification, at which time alternate contestants may be invited. There are NO refunds given; if an applicant pays the fee online and fails to send their music, NTC will not refund their money.

Click here to Pay Your Pianist Fee