Military Excerpt Division

To download the full (all divisions) copy of the rules, click here.

1. Registration

1.1. All applicants must register and pay ALL FEES ON-LINE at the NTC website: (online registration will open November 1, 2023). Applicants must register online using a valid credit card and ONE (only) valid e-mail address. An applicant’s recording will not be reviewed unless payment is received by the December 15, 2023 deadline.

1.2. Students enrolled full time or home schooled at the time of the Competition who are either US citizens or foreign students studying in the USA may apply.

1.3. All applicants must submit a video recording of their competition piece. Applicants are responsible for mastering this process and for making a successful upload. Applicants are strongly urged to verify that their link functions properly prior to submitting their application. Every aspect of this part of the process is the responsibility of the applicant. Applicant videos should not contain any content or pieces beyond their competition repertoire.

1.3.1. Solos composed with or without piano accompaniment are permitted. Works that include a published piano part must be recorded with live accompaniment.

1.3.2. Stopping/starting, editing, or splicing of any kind is prohibited. Attempts to circumvent NTC’s efforts to keep the competition fair for all violates the ethics of integrity to which NTC aspires. Please submit an honest, un-edited video.

1.3.3. Videos must contain exactly and only what is to be performed in the live rounds, including any cuts. Performances are limited to 8 minutes, including stage entrance, tuning, and performing. If a video exceeds 8 minutes, the preliminary judges will listen to only the first 8 minutes of the video.

1.3.4. Recordings must be successfully submitted by 11:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, December 15, 2023; there will be no exceptions. Videos must be uploaded UNLISTED (not Private) to YouTube and the link to the video provided in the online NTC application. Videos not viewable by the judging panel will be disqualified.

1.3.5. Uploaded videos may NOT contain any indications of the applicant’s school or teacher affiliations. Video titles and description should contain ONLY the title and composer of the work performed, nothing more. YouTube channel names used in uploading the video submissions may contain entrants’ personal name but should NOT include a school/teacher name or affiliation.

2. Age Requirements (applicants must meet both parameters of age and school enrollment)

2.5. Military Band Excerpt Division: Open to anyone born after March 11, 1995, and enrolled full time in school or home schooled.

4. Military Band Excerpt Division

4.1. All excerpts (including those designated as cornet parts) are to be performed on B flat and/or C trumpet.

4.2. Entrants must record the following list in order in one continuous take.

Snedecor: Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet, Etude 1, beginning to rehearsal B

Sousa: Hands Across the Sea, Solo Bb Cornet, beginning through mm. 38, no repeats, 2nd ending only

Copland: An Outdoor Overture, Trumpet 1, mm. 16-34

Smith: Festival Variations, Bb Trumpet 1, mm. 47-63

Bugle Call: Taps

4.3. Entrants advanced to live rounds will perform repertoire selected from the preliminary list, as well as those listed below.

Adams: The Governor’s Own March, Solo Cornet, beginning to mm. 43, no repeats, 2nd endings only

Bernstein/Lavender: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, Trumpet 1 in Bb, mm. 508-542

Bugle Call: To the Color

Grafulla: Washington Grays March, Solo Cornet, beginning to 8 measures after the second strain (no repeats/take second ending)

Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy, Movement 2, Bb Trumpet 1, mm. 19-29

Ives: Variations on "America”, Variation V, 1st Bb Cornet, rehearsal O to P, play both parts as one player

Santelmann, Flag Officer’s March, 1st Bb cornet, all

Shostakovich/Hunsberger: Festive Overture, Op. 96, Bb Trumpet 4, pickup to rehearsal 6 to the downbeat of rehearsal 7 and rehearsal 13 to 7 measures after rehearsal 16

Williams/Lavender: Summon the Heroes, Trumpet 4, pickup to mm. 158-172

Sight reading selected from the Wind Band repertoire

4.4. On January 20, 2024, preliminary round results will be posted on the NTC website, along with a live competition and rehearsal schedule. This schedule is to be considered final at the time of publication; no adjustments may be made for any reason.

4.5. All competitors admitted to the live rounds must be available to perform at any time for the duration of their portion of the competition; any competitor unable to perform at their assigned time will be disqualified. Quarterfinals may be held as early as the morning of Saturday, March 9, 2024.

9. Fees

9.1. Application fee for all solo and excerpt divisions is $85 per applicant.  

10. Prizes

Cash prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place:

Military Band Excerpt: $3000, $1500, $750 

11. Rules Disclaimer (Please Read!)

Final interpretation of all rules remains with the National Trumpet Competition. All applicants accept total responsibility for the understanding of and compliance with NTC rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to NTC rules and regulations will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all fees.

All questions concerning NTC rules should be submitted in writing to:

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