High School Ensemble Division

To download the full (all divisions) copy of the rules, click here.

1. Registration

1.1. All applicants must register and pay ALL FEES ON-LINE at the NTC website: www.nationaltrumpetcomp.org (online registration will open November 1, 2022). Applicants must register online using a valid credit card and ONE (only) valid e-mail address. An applicant’s recording will not be reviewed unless payment is received by the December 15, 2022 deadline.

1.2. Students enrolled full time or home schooled at the time of the Competition who are either US citizens or foreign students studying in the USA may apply.

1.3. All applicants must submit a video recording of their competition piece. All applicants are responsible for mastering this process and for making a successful upload. Applicants are strongly urged to verify, on their own, that their link functions properly, to ensure that the judges are able to avail themselves of their video. Every aspect of this part of the process is the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants submit their competition piece only. There must be no other works in the video(s).

1.3.2. No stopping/starting, editing, or splicing of any kind is allowed. To attempt to circumvent NTC’s efforts to keep the competition fair for all goes against the ethics of integrity to which NTC aspires. Please submit an honest, un-edited video.

1.3.3. Videos must contain exactly and only what is to be performed in the live rounds. Performances are limited to 8 minutes, including stage entrance, tuning, and performing. If an uploaded video exceeds 8 minutes, the preliminary judges will listen to only the first 8 minutes of the video.

1.3.4. Recordings must be successfully submitted by midnight Eastern Standard Time, December 15, 2022; there will be no exceptions. Videos must be uploaded UNLISTED (not Private) to YouTube and the link to the video provided in the online NTC application. Videos not viewable by the judging panel will be disqualified.

2. Age Requirements (applicants must meet both parameters of age and school enrollment)

2.7. High School Ensemble Division: Open to anyone born after March 27, 2003, and enrolled full time in a high school or home schooled.

6. High School Ensemble Division

6.1. Ensembles must include no fewer than 4 performers, and no more than 10. Performer personnel in the video must be the same personnel at the live NTC event in March. No individual may participate in more than one ensemble.

6.2. All works are to be performed one on a part (no doubling of parts).

6.3. Cuts are allowed and are at the discretion of the performers, so long as the video version and the live version are identical.

6.4. Each ensemble will be allowed 8 minutes of stage time which will include set-up, tuning, and performance. This will be strictly enforced.

6.5. Conductors are permitted but not required; conductors will not count in ensemble size.

6.6. Instruments other than trumpets, cornets, piccolo trumpets, bass trumpets, and flugelhorns are not allowed.

6.7. Students must be enrolled full time or home schooled at the time of the Competition. They are not required to be enrolled at the same school.

6.8. All ensembles admitted to the live rounds must be available to perform at any time for the duration of their portion of the competition. Any ensemble unable to perform at their assigned time will be disqualified. Semifinals and Finals will be held on Monday, March 27.

7. Copyright

Any unpublished arrangements must adhere to copyright law: All works published in the United States before 1923 are in the public domain. Works published after 1922, but before 1978 are protected for 95 years from the date of publication. If the work was created, but not published, before 1978, the copyright lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years.

8. Fees

8.2. Application fee for ensembles is $40 for each player in the ensemble. 

9. Prizes

Cash prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place:

High School Ensemble: $1000, $750, $500

10. Rules Disclaimer (Please Read!)

Final interpretation of all rules remains with the National Trumpet Competition. All applicants accept total responsibility for the understanding of and compliance with NTC rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to NTC rules and regulations will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all fees.

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